Thursday, August 12, 2010


YES! I am taking up jogging! In the past, I hated jogging or running! It is too much work and my body spasms after short distances. However, my goal is to get back into tip top shape and jogging is the way to go! Lo and I just attempted today and I feel so proud of myself! Lo used to be a pro and was asked by the track coach to join the team but declined so his jogging wasn't a big deal today (sorry Lo, but it is true!). I was soooo bad during high school! Today was amazing because I actually ran most of the way! Sure, I was dizzy, light headed and my body ached while jogging, but I pushed myself and tada! I can't wait to do this again! Lo and I will jog every other day if possible. I think it helps with our bonding in another level. I was nervous to jog along side him because I get ugly while I sweat and wheeze. =) He took it all very, very well. Yay!

Despite some water breaks in-between, we hope to be better and faster at jogging! Later, maybe I can even run! Or maybe I am getting ahead of myself. I still feel so energized and it has been five hours since.

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