Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Day

My first day at cosmetology school!!!!!!!! It was not great, but it was overall, not horrible. There was only one instructor today and I had to wait an hour every time he leaves. It was so frustrating! However, I did learn how to drape, though I will need to practice more at home. And, I learned how to shampoo hair. Again, I will need to practice that more because my first attempt was not so great because touching people is weird! I had to get over that. I also sectioned off the hairs, which was pretty cool. However, after three successful tries, I was so bored! I started to play games for the next two hours before my mom rescued me an hour before class ended.

I did take pictures of my sections because they look perfect. It looked even and straight =)

This is the back of my maniquin's head. =)
The hairs falling down is supposed to be like that. All measured to be one inch to begin cutting. My instructor forgot about me and I went home, leaving it as is.

View from the side! Again, the hair that is down is one inch for cutting. Look at my splits! They look so straight! I am so proud of myself! My first day! =) YAY!

I really hope school gets better and that I will catch up fast! I really hope to be good at this! I am excited to learn how to cut hair and do artistic nail paintings!

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