Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Andre and Hello Kitty

Aren't these cute?? =) I got these for my 2 year old niece! She looks like a little ballerina! The most cutest thing ever! I have not bought her anything since she was born but had bought many gifts for my other niece and nephew. Now is the time! And a bonus! Her birthday is coming up soon!  This Saturday is it? Anyway, I feel so bad that I have neglected her. It is not like I am close to her parents, but she is innocent and sweet and so very CUTE! I want to at least give her something nice from time to time. I imagine she would look so adorable wearing the backpack and holding the sippy cup. Sanrio is not cheap but I believe it is worth it.

When I came home, my little Andre was jumping up and down to greet me. An inspiration came to me. My dog + Hello Kitty = cute! Yes people, this is my baby Andre. He is a small thing and he is wearing a pink backpack!
A close up of his face! I love his sweet face! I believe his eyebrows give him more character. =) Can you believe this sweet looking baby attacked another dog bigger than he is? I still can not.
He was wagging his tail like a mad man because he thought my mom would give him food. This picture was taken in the kitchen. The backpack is a perfect size for him. The color stands out very nicely. =)

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