Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sims 3 and Jogging

The Sims 3Helloooo readers! =) Lo got me SIMS 3!!!!!!!! I have been playing it since. After school until bedtime. Since this is the last day of the month, I wanted to post an entry before the next month starts.

Today, Lo and I took our baby Andre with us while we jog. Surprisingly, he was well behaved! I thought he would stop randomly to sniff or bark at passerby, but he was great! Sure, he barked at people who were faster than him (foot or bike) because he wanted to catch up. He was super fast! SOOO CUTE! =) He kept out running the both of us and his tail could give off its own source of power with his crazy wagging.

Goodbye August and Hello September!
My schooling has been fine. I have learned lots, but I wished I could do more. I want to be caught up soon! It has been taking too long. I can not wait to finish with the state board education and learn how to work in salons! Oh well, it has only been less than two weeks since I started.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Day

My first day at cosmetology school!!!!!!!! It was not great, but it was overall, not horrible. There was only one instructor today and I had to wait an hour every time he leaves. It was so frustrating! However, I did learn how to drape, though I will need to practice more at home. And, I learned how to shampoo hair. Again, I will need to practice that more because my first attempt was not so great because touching people is weird! I had to get over that. I also sectioned off the hairs, which was pretty cool. However, after three successful tries, I was so bored! I started to play games for the next two hours before my mom rescued me an hour before class ended.

I did take pictures of my sections because they look perfect. It looked even and straight =)

This is the back of my maniquin's head. =)
The hairs falling down is supposed to be like that. All measured to be one inch to begin cutting. My instructor forgot about me and I went home, leaving it as is.

View from the side! Again, the hair that is down is one inch for cutting. Look at my splits! They look so straight! I am so proud of myself! My first day! =) YAY!

I really hope school gets better and that I will catch up fast! I really hope to be good at this! I am excited to learn how to cut hair and do artistic nail paintings!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Slowly Roasting in San Francisco

Strange how inconvient the weather is here in San Francisco! At the beginning of my summer break, it rained and was so cold! Nearing the end, it was cloudy and foggy. I actually prefer it like that. Warm weather drains me. NOW, when I start school this week, it is insanely warm! What a major change from yesterday's climate!

Well, I will be going to the school tomorrow to discuss the year's schedule and payment. I hope they are nice there and I really hope that I will be good at this! I have never dyed my hair or had it styled so that will be all new. Lots of worries on my part but I have to do this!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tomorrow and Twilight

I hope that Lo does not frequent my blog, especially tonight's posting. Trying to be loyal to my blog, I will post up tomorrow's plans.

Lo and I are to meet our friend, Pim tomorrow for lunch. I hope to eat something light and cheap because I would like to take Lo to watch Eat Pray Love with me. The reviews are fairly good. Having never read the book, I will get to see this movie without any biases. 

Bias, that reminds me of my current views. Just this week I have taken to rereading the Twilight series. After reading it the first time, I was not pleased. Granted, Harry Potter just ended and I loved the story! I had hoped Twilight would have the same magic, pun intended, that Harry Potter did. It did not. The story dragged and the contents were not as grandeur as I hoped. I gave the movies a chance and found the vampire characters displeasing. They were not the beauty I had read about at all! It was such a slap in the face, so insulting to be told over and over that they were supposed to be very handsome and beautiful but knowing they are not. In the movie, I feel myself leaning toward to character of Jacob. That's right, I am team Jacob for the movie. At least his character was less of a pompous and more sincere. Edward's character seemed like he was constipated most times. This summer I have no job which meant a lot of time. So, I decided to give it another go and find myself team Edward in the book. Anyway, I am on my third book and will be done with it within 30 minutes. I find that I do enjoy the romance because I am still a young teenage girl at heart. It is such a romantic fantasy!

Ps. I love Lo! =)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

And the WINNER IS...


We both played the Poker strachers and won lots of MONEY! =) YAY!
This was Lo's card. He won SIX BUCKS! Nice huh! Since we bought two cards, this covered our costs.

My card won 50 BIG ONES! What a fantastic win that provided a dinner for 4 of yummy sushi from Kiki's in the Sunset district.We were both high fiving and cheering like mad! It was such a sunny day. =)

Our two friends got married in City Hall a while ago. I was not able to give them their gift until now. It consists of layers:
top: red envelop with money
middle: Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel
bottom: surprise package

I wrapped it in a way so that the top opens easily. This took more time and more wrapping paper than I thought it would. 

I made the bow myself! It was hard but I gave up lots of ribbon for this. I love collecting gift wrapping supplies because they are pretty and well, just in case. They cost plenty so I stopped long time ago. 

The red envelop! Mickey and Minnie Mouse drumming it up to celebrate their union. It looks way better than my photograph. It is big, shiny and very cute! 

Dear Daniel and Hello Kitty! The color of the dress is blush pink. Very subtle and very sweet. There are roses on the dress too =) The groom's tux is something I did not like. I wished it was black instead of gold. Oh well, both kitties are blushing and it is so sweet!


Thursday, August 12, 2010


YES! I am taking up jogging! In the past, I hated jogging or running! It is too much work and my body spasms after short distances. However, my goal is to get back into tip top shape and jogging is the way to go! Lo and I just attempted today and I feel so proud of myself! Lo used to be a pro and was asked by the track coach to join the team but declined so his jogging wasn't a big deal today (sorry Lo, but it is true!). I was soooo bad during high school! Today was amazing because I actually ran most of the way! Sure, I was dizzy, light headed and my body ached while jogging, but I pushed myself and tada! I can't wait to do this again! Lo and I will jog every other day if possible. I think it helps with our bonding in another level. I was nervous to jog along side him because I get ugly while I sweat and wheeze. =) He took it all very, very well. Yay!

Despite some water breaks in-between, we hope to be better and faster at jogging! Later, maybe I can even run! Or maybe I am getting ahead of myself. I still feel so energized and it has been five hours since.

Monday, August 9, 2010

New Job

Since I will be a full time cosmetology student soon, there will be very limited time for me to work. I really want to find a job and the hours will not work with my curfew and then some. So, I opted to start a dog walking business. It is just me walking other people's dogs for 1 to 2 hours a day. The limit will be three dogs including my Andre. Lo helped me pass out fliers around my home area. I do hope this works out! I will be charging $15 per walk.

What worries me is how the dogs will behave around my Andre since he is a shy dog. I hope to also let my baby socialize with others at the same time. Lo will help me of course! In fact, I am depending on him to help me during the first few walks so I can learn what to do and what not to do.

Another added bonus: I don't have to buy another dog and be able to have many around me! =) I love their company. They are the most lovable creatures ever! 

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Book Recommendation: The Crazy School

The Crazy SchoolThe Crazy School by Cornelia Read

This novel is creative and a page turner. I enjoyed it for it's historical references and modern tongue. The characters have potty-mouths, which I found refreshing. Most authors write with civil air so it is nice to read something different once in a while. The main character Madeline Dare is one spunky, wise crack and all at once, a nice chick. The novel is a thriller and as you read the story, the truth gets mixed in with lies and deceit. What is real and what is not? I, myself, found the main twist to be easy to spot. However, it is still a better read than others out there.

As for the cover, after reading the book, it kind of makes sense in a more figurative form. Well, duh.


My current mood: optimistic and scattered
I am optimistic because after having a huge fight with Lo, we are still together and trying to work things out. The scattered part is because I am not sure what I would like to do tomorrow. For one thing, I am craving for something soft and sweet. Maybe a cake would do, but I do not know where to go get it. Should I go downtown? Japantown? Clement street? Or, should I just suck it up because I am trying to lose the weight I had gained over the two years with Lo. We eat out a lot and mom still expects me to eat her food also. So, I have been doing a good job at cutting down my food intake and being really active. I just wonder.. hence, my scattered mood.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Andre and Hello Kitty

Aren't these cute?? =) I got these for my 2 year old niece! She looks like a little ballerina! The most cutest thing ever! I have not bought her anything since she was born but had bought many gifts for my other niece and nephew. Now is the time! And a bonus! Her birthday is coming up soon!  This Saturday is it? Anyway, I feel so bad that I have neglected her. It is not like I am close to her parents, but she is innocent and sweet and so very CUTE! I want to at least give her something nice from time to time. I imagine she would look so adorable wearing the backpack and holding the sippy cup. Sanrio is not cheap but I believe it is worth it.

When I came home, my little Andre was jumping up and down to greet me. An inspiration came to me. My dog + Hello Kitty = cute! Yes people, this is my baby Andre. He is a small thing and he is wearing a pink backpack!
A close up of his face! I love his sweet face! I believe his eyebrows give him more character. =) Can you believe this sweet looking baby attacked another dog bigger than he is? I still can not.
He was wagging his tail like a mad man because he thought my mom would give him food. This picture was taken in the kitchen. The backpack is a perfect size for him. The color stands out very nicely. =)

Monday, August 2, 2010


Over the years I have accumulated many scars but only in the recent two years the injuries were more severe. Of course they were never life threatening. I would like to dedicate this blog to give recognition to all of my scars since they have indeed left ever lasting marks of history and stupidity. The scars will be listed based on the oldest to the most recent. There will be a brief summary of how I acquired them, my feelings during then and now and so forth.

1.Chin- I was young, sweet and innocent. That, and I was also small that the need for a chair to stand on to reach the bathroom sink was needed. I was brushing my teeth and I supposed I swivled or swayed. The chair toppled over and my chin banged into the sink. My chin required stitches or something like that. Even to this day I am not sure what I needed. I do remember going into a room where people in white (I had no idea they were doctors at the time) put a white cover over my eyes and I felt my chin being prodded on for some time. There are pictures of me with a bruised chin. I was a sturdy and cute kid =).

2. Feet- My old shower had those glass doors where you had to slide them back and forth. I liked it because that was all I knew and it worked. The second door was broken at a certain point and I was told not to use that one. However, younger me had not taken this precaution seriously and when I opened that door after a shower, glass shattered all over. They broke into tiny, minuscule pieces and I was scare to move in case I get cut. My dad had to carry me out of the bathroom and my blood was all over the glass. The only cut that gave me a scar was on my left feet. This was when I was in elementary school.

3. Index finger- Now, fast ward many years until last Fall of 2009. I was cutting stryofoam with a huge knife. I was foolish and faced the knife toward myself to give more strength into cutting. It happened very fast and the stryofoam broke and the knife hit into my left index finger really hard. Blood seeped out like no tororrow. That was my most scary experience as of then! My skin opened up to see white bone!!! I was alone and so scared. When Lo came back to me, he helped buy those bandages and the finger brace. The blood! It came out like a scary movie. I did not go seek medical help but let it heal on its own. I should have, but I could not under circumstances. My finger has healed now but occasionally it gets very stiff when it comes to bending it. I stretch it out whenever I feel any aches.

4. Nose- Now this is the scar I regret the most. Anything but the face! I was hiding from Lo for fun and moved too fast to notice the table and banged into it. My nose's alignment went off and I was so scared that I would need surgery. Lucky me, it was just the cartilage so no invasive repair was needed. Yay! I broke my nose on Mother's Day 2010. It has healed but the freaking scar remains! Oh well, make up could cover it since the scar is so small, but I rather it not be there at all!

Please, I do not want any more scars! My body has enough. Thank you very much!