Thursday, July 22, 2010


My dog is named Andre. He is two years old and is a dachshund and chihuahua mix. He is a chubby little mutt and I love every bit of him. Lo (my love) and I took him to a dog park today. I really want my mutt to be more socialize as he is extremely shy. There are so many dogs there for him to get acquainted with. My baby showed drastic change today. He finally went up to other dogs with his tail wagging! Lo and I were very pleased though he did not play with the dogs. Anyway, this incident stood out the most:

This beautiful golden retriever came to me while my baby was away and licked me. I petted it (gender unknown). The retriever came again the second time while my baby was away and did the same thing. Such a friendly thing it was. I would have taken it home if I could! It came by the third time and this time, my baby was there under my seat. The retriever licked me while I greeted and pet it. All of a sudden, my sweet baby turned into a monster. He was growling and was going to bite if I had not pulled him back with my super speed reflex. The retriever was such a sweet heart; it did not attack but backed away in a calm manner.

I am still baffled my baby's jealously. I have to admit, I am glad he feels at least something for me because I question his loyalty. My Andre is such a spoiled loony. In 5 years times, I would like to bring home a companion for him. By then he should be more open. I hope.

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