Thursday, July 29, 2010

At the dog park

After we finally watched the movie Salt, starring Angelina Jolie, we went to eat at Sai Jai Thai [YUM]. The movie was not bad, but it was not great. I admire the action parts since Ms. Jolie did most of the stunts herself. However, I was not able to stomach most of it. I am very weak at heart but wanted to watch it anyway because it is pg13. R rated violence is too much for me to handle.

Enough about the movie, what concerns me most is my Andre's behavior. Lo and I took him to the dog park again. This park allows him to be off leash. I love going there because of all the beautiful dogs and the park's surroundings. Its great there. Usually, my baby Andre would run around and do his 1's and 2's energetically. There are bags provided so that is such a bonus. Andre is a shy dog and lately he has been getting better at being  around other dogs. He now goes out to greet other dogs but he also runs away soon after. That is a huge leap for him. He usually runs back to hide under my bench seat and then comes out to do the same thing. When there groups of dogs around him, he would tuck his tail and run to me.

Today was a different day for him. Lo and I set him free to run around. He was so happy with his tail wagging, tongue out and bouncing to and fro. Then a very fluffy and sweet husky came along to greet my baby. The husky was very playful and I suppose that scared my baby. I have no idea what triggered him but Andre then started to bark and his teeth bared. I hurriedly carried my dog away from the husky. Lo and I walked a safe distance away and let Andre down. After a while, we came to a small clearing where other dog walkers like to sit and let their dogs play freely. Andre was sweet and shy when greeting other dogs. That is, until that very same husky came over and Andre became angry and so vicious. It was so embarrassing. My little dog was causing a big scene in a usually peaceful and playful atmosphere. Lo and I were afraid of him actually harming other dogs. When the husky went off again, I let Andre go. He was fine and normal until the husky came again. All that husky wanted was to play but my dog was so scary. It looked as if my Andre wanted to kill. Never had that happened before.Of course, after the owner of the husky left with his group of dogs, Andre became his usual happy self. The owner called my dog a bully and it pains me because that is not true. It is only toward that dog that I have seen this happen. We have encountered many other dogs of all breeds before and Andre was always sweet and shy around them. If I was the owner of that husky, I would have been angry that some dog tried to bite my baby so I can see his point of view.

I wish that I could understand what Andre was thinking and feeling to become so aggressive. I love my dog so much and I want to be able to help him. It scares me that he could injure others with this surprising outburst of attack mode. Of course I fear other dogs hurting him more because he is so small compared to others.

There will be pictures of my little baby in later posts! I promise! He is super duper cute! =)

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