Wednesday, July 28, 2010

2010 Summer's To Do List

Summer break is coming to an end in less than a month. Which means there will be less together time with Lo when I start beauty school. 8 to 5, 5 days a week. Of course he will go to his classes too and I do hope he gets into the ones he needs. College courses are getting harder and harder to get into these days due to budget cuts and the growing number of students.

Having that in mind, I want to concoct a list of what I would like to do. Some on my own and some with Lo. My list includes things that I have been wanting to do for the longest time but haven't had a chance to do yet. I doubt that most will be fulfilled due to the lack of money. However, there will be time in the future for me to carry out my wishes.

1. Cheesecake Factory-I have been wanting to go there for a while now but fights made the desire go away. And a fight occurred today as well. If this keeps up, I may as well invite a friend to come with me instead.
2. Go to Borders to find more books to read! Just finished another book called Crazy School. I will dedicate a blog post for that book later. It is recommended! =)
3. SFMOMA!!!!! I went there years ago with Flor and it is still a very fond memory of mine. Had a blast though I doubt she remembers this.
4. Conservatory of Flowers!!! Hmmm I may go there myself since this is solely my interest. I will bring a camera to take pictures and post them up! =)
5. Academy of Science! I really really want to go there! I mean really? A San Franciscan and I haven't been there while people from other areas make efforts to.
6. Walk to Pier 39 from my home to eat In and Out burger. Burger animal style! yummm
7. Send Meuy's birthday gift!!! That will be done tomorrow since her birthday was last month and waiting to see her is taking way too long.
8. Eat at Lers Ros Thai again. I am craving for curry over rice and minced chicken with basil. Their lunch menu special allows two choices of what they have listed with rice. It is a deal!
9. Finish watching my Friends dvd set again. The show never gets old. The characters mesh well together.
10. Read Nobody's Boy by Merlot.
11. Find out who this summer's Bachlorette will chose as her husband. Next week!
12. Great America or Six Flags? Both sounds like so much fun but right now, I am not in a happy and risky mood. Maybe next summer.
13. Hell's Kitchen winner is who? I want to know
14. Watch Wicked the broadway musical!!!! The musical is going to leave San Francisco soon. Oh well.. I will wait it out and see it when it comes back. Hopefully by then I can afford the best seats!
15. Ride the cable car from Pier39 to Downtown. After that, it would be nice to go shopping during the back to school sales.

I wished that I was smart enough to find a job earlier this summer! When both people in a relationship do not work, it is very annoying because going to fun places requires money. That is something Lo and I disagree on. Now it is too late because I will be starting school soon. Or is it?

On a side note, my shoulder is aching so much from yesterday's trip to Chinatown to buy groceries. The bruise is proof of my labor. I carried two bags, one on both shoulders and three more bags with my hands. Too much and too heavy!

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