Friday, December 31, 2010

almost died

Lo and I almost died today! Seriously! It would have been instant death and we were fighting too! =( Would have sucked big time to die like that.

Lo was speeding at 70mpg on the freeway and it was nearing to Sf. We went to Wingstop in Daly City to eat. We had our fight there and left without eating any chicken. =(. Anyway, because he was mad, he sped and because I was mad, I sat in the backseat. Lucky he did because this white BMW would have hit my side directly! That car was speeding lots and came out of nowhere and almost hit our car! ON MY SIDE! I would have been mangled and both of us would have been killed on the spot because of the speed. I literally saw that car coming very close to me! Scary? I should say so! My first near death experience! We made up soon after. Pheww! 

Hang-ing around

On Wednesday, after going to Hang's place for the first time unsuccessfully, Lo and I headed to Quicklys. On the way back to the car, this seagull's wing hit my head upon his landing!!! Pretty cool. He landed close to me =). Just had to take a picture! (12/29)

While awaiting for Hang, Lo and I went back to my place and I decided, on the spur, the paint my baby's nails pink. It was his spa day and he fell asleep during the drying process! =) BAHAHA He looks so much like an old man here with his mole! (12/29) 

View of city hall
Hotel decor

Lo and I decided to book a hotel room in the city. Such lovely decor and I just had to take a picture! I kid!!! This is Hang's room! OMGG!!! Its amazingly spotless and so tidy and very VERY lovely!!!! I kept feeling around.. I want it! This room was the reason why I made Lo slaved twice to change my room! So pretty huh! I wanted to copy this but my room has wayyy too many stuff! Oh well, I will live with what I have until I can afford change! I should get rid of my stuffed animals, but they all have history behind them that I can't bring myself to part ways. (12/29)

 Hang and I went to watch The Tourist, starring Johnny Dept and Angelina Jolie! I liked the movie alot and will buy the dvd some day! Hang fell asleep during a scary scene... right?? I had no idea... though I said I knew! (+__+)

After the movie, we both headed to Thai Stick on O'Farral street. We both ordered a martini! Mine was lychee and her's was passion fruit. My first drink, that I actually liked! I had some in the past, but this time was special. This time I acutally I felt so grown and mature! Hmm alcohol shouldn't define my maturity, but it did in some ways. Pretty neato. My drink was sweet and yummy. So yummy that a fly flew in and swam in it before Hang pushed it inside to die.. I had to call Lo afterward to brag! (12/29)
 Fish cake =) (12/29)
 Pineapple fried rice. Yummy! (12/29)
Pad Thai. We both shared the entrees and were both so stuffed it was hard to breath! In fact, after I got home, I couldn't talk well and my chest hurted lots. I really walked fast! Was kinda scared and had to look at my shadow in case some stranger/crazy person gets too close. It was really dark and secluded walking home. (12/29)

Hang's gifts for me!!!!! DARNIT! I didn't even think to take a picture before I tore the wrappings off! AHHH!!! Anyway, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU HANG!!!! LOVE MY GIFTS!!!!! SOOO SWEET! I will use the bag for school.. but I am worried someone would steal it from me.. So I will use it at home! for my hair brushes then! (12/29)
The card! =) VERY Sweet lady! Such sweet words inside. All for meeee! ... I didn't write her a card!!! EEP! =( (12/29)
I tried to use the makeup today and I really like the mascara alot! The rest I have yet to use. Seriously.. she was wayyyy too generous. One would have been enough! Shheesh! (12/29)

Its 2:12am! New Years Eve! I would love to see the fireworks but I can't. Mom will not allow. =( Oh pooo. The things I do to make her happy! I trap Lo with me too. Poor young fellow!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Helloo!!! How have you been? =)
Nothing special since my last posting. Been playing monopoly though! Its a fun game! I like it lots! My Lo's Christmas gift for me! He wrapped it himself! Very good job! I didn't think he could do it so well.(0+___+0)

the top view.
The bottom view.
For Candy
 The silly bandz came! I ordered the Hello Kitty/Sponge Bob ones for my little niece and nephew. And! I also ordered a more erotic package for Candy!!!

ermm 69???

from the behind

They are funny! =) Looks cool and they are for adults! Funny stuff!

 The two packages for the kids. =)

OH!! Mickey Mouse too!
Hello Kitty only

I am Spade309!!! =) Was rank 4 in the entire server!!! Now I am rank 5 because I don't attack others for prestige points. Oh well! A great fleet for me! Phoenixx is my alliance! The spelling is wrong because Phoenix was already taken. SSHH!!! Phoenixx, the name, was inspired by Harry Potter! But the meaning suits with what happened. Gambit fell, Phoenixx rises always! =) And my alliance is a good one, bright light of goodness. YUPP. Was just invited to join Ancients today but I declined, for the second time. Was also invited into Rome. The top alliances want me but no, no! I will stay in my own little bubble to avoid trouble. =)
My cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream! I love hot chocolate with whip cream! It makes a huge difference! The coolness and the heat mellows out and tastes great together. =)

OH! You can see my keys! Hello Kitty keychain and heart from my Lo. Hang's keychain strap too! =)

Well, good night folks!

Saturday, December 25, 2010



I hope everyone is happy and with those they love! LIVE LAUGH AND LOVE! =)

I woke up super early and went to clement with mom. I carried all three bags: one on each shoulder and one by hand. My right shoulder has bruises from the heavy weight! Mom is not allowed to carry heavy stuff! She is way too fragile and in pain lots of pain and I will not allow her to get more if I can help it. Her job for today was to select the produces, buy them and hold the umbrella since it was raining. We traveled by bus so it was more work. Mom made bun bo hue and eggrolls! I ate so much that my tummy aches and it hurts to move.. My family ate almost everything and there were lots of stuff! We were not even supposed to meet up today but mom planned this just last night.

The little ones were funny! They liked my gifts!!! YAYAYAYYY!!! =)
Lo gave me Hello Kitty Monolopy board game!!!!!! Its so cute! We will play it tomorrow! 

Well, I am super sleepy and need to get ready to sleep. I woke up too early and did lots of stuff today. Lots of cleaning, grocery shopping, prepping for dinner and cooking. =X

Friday, December 24, 2010

Holiday events

AND SO.. I am very angry at the moment. My instructor, Henry, rudely demanded that I give him my itune password so he could download applications. I told him no because it has my credit card number in it and I will not be charged for his stuff. He said: "I don't care.".."You have to give it". I still can't believe how mean he was about it. I was shocked and felt bullied at the time. He gave me his phone and I did type in the password so he could download that one free application.. But no more! I will be on guard from now on. It was such a surprise and now I feel as if I was abused in some way. I do not like that man from here on ward.

He still owes my Lo 100 bucks for fixing his two laptops! Lo spent over ten hours figuring out the problem on his first laptop. Henry did not pay for that. The second one, he said he did not want to take advantage and will pay.. and he has yet to do so. He told Lo that he would pay today, nada dinero. The pictures I am posting up is my way to vent out. He likes to take advantage of his job by getting free hair washes, cuts and facials. I posted this on facebook with my explanation of his meanness, but I deleted them all. I do not want to get in him trouble in any way. Best for me to vent here where no one reads. I may remove these pictures here too if I feel differently later on. I do not want to incriminate him in any way. This is out of my anger that I am posting these pictures up.

Candy was just transfered to the Oakland branch where she is suppose to work there from now on. I feel robbed. She is my friend and they took her away! I was not able to say goodbye!

My other friend may leave the US soon because of her citizenship status. This is total bullshit! I hate the law! It sucks!
Another thing before I go move on to happier things. My wonderful cousin Linh thought she was pregnant. It was the best news I have ever heard, family-wise! We truly need a baby in the family! Everyone is older now and a new baby would be great. Earlier today, while she was taking her pregnancy test, she got her period! What a loser! =) I hope she does get pregnant soon because her baby boy, my nephew, was the cutest baby boy ever!! He was sunshine and daisies. Linh is beautiful and if her future baby is a girl, she will be extremely blessed with looks! I have hope that a baby will come in the near future. =) Pui should have a baby too! Amber was sunshine and roses! She was so cute! She is extremely smart and an additional child in her home would give her a little break from all the hardcore rules and regulations. It would have helped me alot, but I was and still am, very much ruled over.

Linh's bun rieu
We had the family dinner yesterday and it went great! Linh's bun rieu was super YUMMY! I loved it alot! The kids and ladies of my family really liked my gifts! =) Amber and Durango really liked their new MP3 players! When Lo, parents and I left, they were very much engrossed with trying to figure out how to use their new toy. =) YAY! Super auntie! Amber's exact quote: "Are you serious? Really?" Pui, Amber's mom was happy to know that Lo and I added stories into their mp3s instead of songs so it has a more educational usage. =) YAY ME! Thank YOU LO! The kids also divided and conquered the sillybandz. They didn't hear me when I told them to split each packet as there are two of each shape in one.. (+_+). Every one liked their booties though! YAY! =) HORRAY! Mission: Santa Alisa was a success!

Tommy got a new tv.. its HUGE and very nice looking! His pride and joy (aside from his family!) Its really awesome! It would be scary to watch a horror movie with it though.. the people in the screen appear larger than us standing next to it.
Durango and our gingerbread tree
Amber with her Rudolf nose! =)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Last minute presents

Its 1:48am and I am still up trying to download the stories into the mp3 players for my niece and nephew.. Lo finished downloading them while ago but kept forgetting to bring the stuff over. Tomorrow is the dinner and I won't have time to work on it during the day. I haven't even wrapped the gifts yet either! AHHH

Since I have time, I will make an organized list of the events that I have planned. =)
Dec 22 (wednesday): School. Early family Christmas dinner!
Dec 23 (thursday): Lunch with Pim
Dec 24 (friday): Laundry day
Dec 25 (saturday): Lunch and movie with Hang.. but really? On Christmas day? Maybe I have the date wrong.. But I am very sure its on a saturday! I need to call and check
Dec 28 (tuesday): Sking with school friends and Lo!!!!! YAY! I never been sking before and Kristine invited us to go. =) It will only be a one day event and I can't wait! Snow snow snow!
Dec 29 (wednesday): I hope to go to target today or before so I can get the wrapping paper deals! After Christmas sales are so wonderful for giftwrapping items =)

I am so sleepy.. 30 more minutes to go! The mp3 player I bought sucks.. =( I am very sad. I thought it would be good but it couldn't even fit all the stories of Harry Potter in there! Only one book is able to be stored into the memory. AWWW MAN! I hope they like it anyway.. =( One day I will get better stuff for them! I really want to! I am so broke its not even funny andI spend like crazy... mostly for other people and on food. =X

Want to sleep... =(

Monday, December 20, 2010

My rambles

Xoxo Juniors Lace Skirt Rosette Halter Dress, Ivory, 7
This picture is a link. Click to view

And so.. the dress I ordered at Macy's will come tomorrow; I needed it yesterday for the Nutcracker! BUT ITS OKAY! =) I will wear it for Melody's wedding in March!!!! HOORAY!!!! Friends getting married is such a beautiful thing! I LOVE, LOVE! I believe the dress is appropriate for her fancy rich wedding.. I hope so! Her wedding will be at the Yaht Club, a place I have never been to but heard of. Her cake will be chocolate! She and her fiancee just married legally today!!!!!!!

This girl keeps ditching me in school... I was so lonely for three days! Jenny bought me hot chocolate to cheer me up! People like me loads in the school! I feel like a baby there. Funny stuff mannn.
Lo is at home. I am at home. We live in seperate homes. I miss Lo. =(

Lo got me two big bottles of water, so big that I need to pour water into a cup to drink. SO, I am using a wine glass. It makes me feel classy. =) I like holding the cup. I drink it like an alcoholic! chug chug chug HAHAHA [I am so cool, no lie].

Today I did not get any tips from a shampoo wash. Its okay though! I got to play with the older lady's hair! I was blow drying it with no clue of what I was doing. It came out nicely too! My hands are made to be a cosmetologist! She told me she did not have extra money to tip me but asked for my business card so she can come back!

That reminds me! On December 16, I was given a $40 tip for a $5 haircut!!!!!!!!!! It was awesome! Such a compliment! I don't believe I did a good job though. I took my time to be thorough and cleaned his hair hairs, trimmed his eyebrows too. My costumer service is superb, I like to think. I declined it of course! It makes me feel bad to take money like that. I told him to give me two instead because I will not take that amount. He gave me three. Really nice man. He will be back and request me from now on! YIPPIE! All the tips I receive are saved and will go for my trip to Vietnam! I hope it adds up to a good amount when I graduate! Quynh's and Alex's wedding!!! I may be related to Alex though.. very, very, very and VERY distant family link. May be. His last name is Duong after all.

This week's

 Lo's Mom made this for me! <3 I normally do NOT like soy, but I ate her's because she made it for me. =) It was good too. Durian soy (Vietnamese sticky rice). She even wrapped a fork for me too! Hooray! She likes me.. I hope!
I walked to Macy's after school, enduring the cold and wind to find gifts for my family. I bought six of these booties because they have pom poms on the sides and are comfortable. =) One for mom, Linh, Pui, Nancy, the aunt and myself. All are medium sized to be safe. I hope they like it! The picture shows mom wearing hers in the background. =)
The Silly Bandz came! They are really strange.. More are on their way! I hope they come before Wednesday! My family will be celebrating our Christmas early because we want Frank to be there. He works during all major holidays.
My priority was to buy Lo a Christmas present! And I did so before meeting up with him! Super Me!
I like wrapping stuff. Craft paper and a nice big ribboned rose that I made myself! I also have those stickers of letters that I used to differentiate. I chose color of the booties for each person. Pui got purple like mine.
Linh's booties are colored pink. Her wrapping has two ribboned roses but the camera didn't catch that. The ribbon is smaller than the gold one.
Nancy's booties are also pink. I wanted to change my wrapping paper's color so I used blue with gold patterns. =) I didn't feel like making another rose so I just tied it. Still looks nice.
I would love this ribbon if the glitter didn't come off. It is wired ribbon so it molds into how I like, which is fantastic! Plus, I have lots of it. Too bad the glitter is so messy! My aunt got the leopard prints because she likes wearing them.
At Marnee Thai on Irving, Sunset. They have real orchids on each table! Expensive flowers, orchids. 12/17
My hot tea because it was so cold! It was raining and both Lo and I were hungry! 12/17
 Garlic spicy sauce. I like this. =) 12/17
Their spicy angel wings that wasn't spicy at all! Lo loves it lots. I think Lo and I developed a high tolerance for spice.. 12/17
Tom Yum soup to warm our bodies up! It was yummy but there was little of it. Marnee Thai is pricey for the amount of food they serve. Their quality is well worth it though! 12/17
 Thai style fried rice! It tasted good too! Aces! 12/17
Dinner time, so they put candles on each table. We had lots on the table as is, no more room for this added decor. 12/17
Union Square's Christmas tree! It is huge and pretty. =) Lo and I wanted to go to Cheesecake factory, but the wait was three hours and we were famished! So we went to King of Thai Noodle on Clement instead. Thai food is heavenly. The King of Thai Noodle in downtown was very crowded. 12/18
King of Thai Noodle's papaya salad with dried shrimp! We both love this dish and order it at every Thai restaurant. Spice is nice too. =) I don't like papaya itself, but the salad is always great. 12/18
A noodle dish Lo picked to try out. We did not like it. I don't recall the name. 12/18
 Pineapple fried rice, no cashew nuts! 12/18
At the parking lot for San Francisco Ballet's Nutcracker! 12/19
They were selling these. I assume they would be overpriced. The scarves they were also selling were 70 bucks and not worth it! 12/19
Their Christmas tree wasn't big at all; it was put on top of a table. Lame.. 12/19
Inside our seating area. The height was freaky! I took this from our seats! Balcony seating and in the center! 69 bucks a ticket. I will not bring my parents with us again for these types of things. They did not enjoy it and spoiled the fun. Next year I hope to go with Lo to the symphony for Christmas music! 12/19
Their huge lighting. It didn't look very nice.. but Lo liked it. I prefer Phantom of the Opera's chandelier. 12/19

The Snow King ornament. It looks cute. Or is it the nutcracker after transformation? 12/19
The San Francisco Symphony!!!!! We will go inside next year! I hope! It looks very pretty from the outside. The picture didn't do it justice! Each window has its own decorated tree! 12/19